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Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn’t mean they’re lost forever.

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Iconic record store scenes:

Before Sunrise (1995)

500 Days Of Summer (2009)

Empire Records (1995)

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There was a boy who was like 12 and he yelled to this girl “hey are you my hoe” and she was like “yeah obviously” and I said “how old are you” and he replied “old enough” and I said “old enough for what? To get your own sippy cup?” anD HIS WHOLE FRIEND GROUP RIOTED AND APPLAUDED ME

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snapchat me for more fun @adxian oK

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Reblog or your mom will die in 928 seconds.

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today this guy told me that my dress made my ass look fat (he sad it as a 'compliment') and obviously since it was 8:30 I was too tired for that shit and I replied with 'saying my ass is fat wont make your dick any bigger' and when he tried to defend himself saying his dick was big enough I told him that it doesn’t count if he shoved two thirds of it in his personality and he just looked at me completely defenseless AND BASICALLY I STOLE THAT LINE FROM HERE BUT I SLAYED

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Summer Life

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